The Rock Trading. Selective Scam


Here is our investigation about scam exchange. Here we will talk about The Rock Trading, Italian-based exchange. The victim is their customer since 2011, 7 years. The blocked amount is 35 519€. The victim do not want to verify his identity, everyone must protect his privacy information. The Rock Trading is not required any kind of verification for cryptocurrency withdraws. They require to complete KYC/AML only for fiat withdraws, according their TOS. This has been reported by user in Bitcointalk. Certain Bitcointalk users reports that The Rock Trading maybe do selective scams.

Initially, CTO of The Rock Trading, Andrea Medri, said that they cannot compromise their security standard. Medri thinks that victim’s account can be compromised, but this theory is refuted. Victim’s IP has been from the same country and location.

The victim can proof his property of account:

  • The login and password of his Rock account.
  • The login and password of the email associated with the account and he wrote them using this email.
  • His IP is and always have been from the same country and location.
  • There is a second Rock account that the Rock knows is related to him. An email was sent from that email account confirming his identity.
  • He quoted detailed conversations he had with the CTO Paci on Second Life 6 years ago.
  • He can confirm his identity using the Second Life account associated with his Rock account.
  • He still owns the banking account to where small euro withdrawals were made from his Rock Account in 2013.
  • He still owns the account on another exchange from which he made almost all crypto deposits on the Rock and he has scans of their transactions.
  • More than 3 months passed since this public war started. If He wasn’t the owner, the real owner would already claimed the money

Another big red flag here is that CFO wrote
“There is nothing we can do. For sure the law and security prevails on all our arguments.” We talked about that theory, hacked account, has been refuted with victim’s evidence. This words means “They are going to keep his victim money “forever”.

Update 31.12.2018

We are watching closly to TheRockTrading selective scam. Users in Bitcointalk forum exposed that Andrea Medri (The Rock Trading CFO) and Davide Barbieri (The Rock Trading CTO) have founded “fishy websites” as,,, and much more. We follow a Google and found this.

  • The Rock Trading ignore all evidence of ownership. This is against their ToS.
  • The victim made deposit after The Rock Trading suspend withdraws for his account.

The victim spotted that The Rock Trading are lying about Europen Law. Follow link for more information.

We will watch closely this saga and will update it again!

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    Great post. Thank you for your support and for warning the community about this. I wish the best to your blog.

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    Спасибо за информацию!!!!!

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