Bitcoin against censorship

Sites such as The Pirate Bay are exposed to at least temporary government-imposed shutdowns, researchers at Delft University in the Netherlands have developed a robust BitTorrent client that doesn’t rely on central servers, TorrentFreak wrote Thursday. Instead, it’s designed to keep BitTorrent alive, even when all torrent search engines, indexes, and trackers are pulled offline. Market Activity Looks like $8 790 wasn’t a very durable level of support. Bitcoin’s price is consolidating last week and we saw prices around the $9350 mark. Meanwhile, transaction numbers have hit new high-water marks, breaking past 306,000 transactions in a 24-hour period on Thursday. As we pointed out earlier, Tuesday and Thursday saw big spikes in trading activity among consumers who appeared to be moving their money out of rubles and into bitcoins. Unfortunately for them, both currencies have taken a big hit this week.

People can use Bitcoin as prevention against censorship!  Use Bitcoin against censorship!

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