Amsterdex. Profit-share exchange

UPDATE 10.11.2019

Amsterdex is offline since May. BanzaiBTC, founder of Amderdex, never made an update and random Bitcointalk user made scam accusation against him. For more details follow this thread.

We checked Amsterdex, Netherlands-based cryptocurrency exchange. Formerly known as tradepioneers with its home currency pioneershares.
Tradepioneer in launched was 2016. Amsterdex is registered at the dutch Chamber of Commerce. Tradepioneers has been rebranded into Amsterdex. The Project is led by its former BanzaiBTC, a legendary user at the Bitcointalk forum. Amsterdex founder Banzai, whom is also the lead developer is active every day. Coinmedicate is checking the progress everyday and can confirm Banzai is active everyday within the Discord. The BETA will  be launched within a few days.


Amsterdex issued its home currency Amdex as a way of crowd funding. Amdex is not ERC 20 token, It’s POS coin. POS coins work with the PoS-algorithm, which gives  you chance to earn it, while your wallet is online (staking). You can buy Amdex in three steps:
* You need a Amsterdex account. You can register at Amsterdex.
* You can find your Bitcoin deposit wallet in the Investment terminal. You can use this (static) address for multiple deposits.
* You need to send Bitcoin to your investment address and wait for 1 blockchain confirmation.
You can withdraw Amdex immediately into your own Amdex address, which you need to install it first.

Profit-Share model

Here is the interesting part. A tokenholder will receive 60% of the trading fees. All trading fees will be converted into Bitcoin to buy Amdex in return. This way the price of AMDEX will raise in value in the long-term. A bought AMDEX will be distributed directly to all Tokenholders wallets. The payout balance is calculated by current address amount, Tokenholders will receive the payment weekly.

Their progress

  • Amsterdex is a fully working exchange.
  • Amsterdex has a working wallet. Coinmedicate checked their wallet, and yes it does work properly.
  • Amsterdex is an open source project. You can check their source code at Github.
  • Amsterdex does not require any kind of verification.
  • Amsterdex API is working.

Amsterdex Day mode. Screenshot from Amsterdex Discord

Amsterdex night mode. Screenshot from Amsterdex Discord.


Wallet screenshot. Amdex v1.0


Wallet screenshot


Amsterdex is an amazing project. It’s a good opportunity for a passive income, generated by trading fees. Also, their developer works everyday to improve user experience. Also, Amsterdex has an active community at Discord and Bitcointalk.

Update 31.12.2018

Amsterdex’s BETA has been smooth and Amsterdex officially launched at 28.12.2018. At this time, Amsterdex is fully ready to trade. I make deposit at 29.12 and I exchanged some Xmas coins to BTC. Orders were successfully completed. Now, I made deposit and then withdraw to show you that everything works fine.

Xmas deposit to Amsterdex
Deposit received
Amsterdex Xmas withdraw

Everything has been smooth and I’m happy to be part of Amsterdex’s community. As you see, I send 500 coins to myself and I will send 500 Xmas coins to first one, who commented this bellow.

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